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German Bakery of Windsor – die Deutsche Baeckerei, and German finest food shop in Windsor serving the entire UK.

Free Shipping all over the UK on orders over £25

Dear Customer, after placing your order you will received a message stating your order is completed, this may take a day or two working days, and in some cases we have to wait until our shopping trip to Germany. If there is a delay on your parcel we will call you and let you know.  If you need an order for a certain date you must call us in advance to check stock. We are a small business thus we do not stock large quantities. Thanks for understanding. We travel to Deutschland every fortnight to bring you fresh products.

Only after the order is completed, we will then dispatch it for next day delivery.

No deliveries on week-ends unless pre-arranged and paid extra for it. call us for details.

Looking for something that it’s not on here?  just send us an email and we will happy to organize it for you in our next shopping trip.

Any order to Jersey or any other Channel Island have to be pre-order over the phone.

We only use recycled boxes, but the products, specially the refrigerated, are well packed cooled and sealed. Thanks for your understanding.

Please note that refrigerated goods have a limited shelf life and we travel ourselves every fortnight to bring fresh ones. When placing your orders  for these items keep this in mind. If in doubt calls us in advance.

We will make every attempt to send the items as per requester. However, in the event that an item becomes unavailable,  we will replace it with a similar one of equal or greater value.  If you arent happy with this, please send us a note ” No substitute” .

Please notice the courier is a different company, once the parcel leaves the bakery it becomes their responsibility to deliver as we have stated. We can only give you the delivery day but not the time for delivery. The courier have your phone number and they are suppose to call you if they can’t deliver to you. You have the right to re-schedule your delivery including address changes.  In the event you don’t receive your order please call us to track it with the courier.